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Autodesk University 2019
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AS323601 - Geometry Systems for AEC Generative Design: Codify Design Intents into the Machine

Session Description

Unlike generative design for manufacturing, generative design for architecture requires the incorporation of the user’s unique design intents and ideas into the generative model. As most of our work shows—from the Autodesk office at MaRS to the Autodesk University exhibit hall layout, and from urban developments in the Netherlands to housing complexes in Japan—each project’s output looks different because each geometric system has been developed as a combination of the designer’s intent and reusable geometric tools. This session will show how to approach design problems through the generative design framework (problem formulation) with a focus on how to incorporate design intents in the form of geometric systems (model parameterization). Through Dynamo and Refinery, we’ll take a look at and customize a variety of custom geometric tools and test them in real-world case studies: from subdivision logic for office and urban neighborhoods to automated massing strategies and building siting algorithms.

Session Speakers
Additional Information
Learn how to implement a variety of geometry systems for generative design for AEC in Dynamo Studio
Learn how to incorporate your design intent into a geometry system for generative design for AEC
Learn about how to formulate a design problem through generative design
Learn how to implement a generative design model through Refinery
Instructional Demo
Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computational Design, Generative Design
Dynamo Studio
AutoCAD, Revit
No required knowledge of generative design is required although basic computational design thinking experience is encouraged.
Architect, Land/Urban Planner, Landscape Architect, Real Estate Developer, Student
Architects and designers who want to learn about geometric systems and incorporate design intent into generative workflows.
Exploring industry practice and workflows
2D Design, 3D Design, Architecture, BIM, Building Design, CAD Management, Design Thinking, Generative Design, Residential Architecture, Simulation
AIA Standard LUs
1h 30m
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