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Autodesk University 2019
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AS320057 - Multidomain, Multiobjective Optimization Using Topologic, Dynamo, and Project Refinery

Session Description

One of the challenges facing the industry is that optimization is usually offered only within a domain-specific software engine. One solution is to use general-purpose design environments such as Dynamo, coupled with optimization engines such as Project Refinery to enable multidomain, multiobjective optimization. This class will introduce Topologic, a new and free software kit ( Topologic offers the ability to think spatially, topologically, and conceptually about a design project. Topologic is also tightly coupled with EnergyPlus for energy analysis within Dynamo and with Project Refinery. Thus, Topologic offers the possibility of multidomain, multiobjective optimization where the involved domains go beyond traditional building performance. This class will introduce the related concepts, illustrate the powerful features of the software through example workflows, and offer you hands-on experience to experiment with customized workflows.

Session Speakers
Additional Information
Learn how to build generative and parametric design workflows using Topologic, Dynamo, and Project Refinery
Learn how to build topological models that can be used to conduct energy performance simulation in the early stages of design
Learn how to build topological models that can be used to analyze the spatial characteristics of a design in the early stages of design
Learn how to conduct multidomain, multiobjective optimization to explore a large design solution space
Instructional Demo
Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computational Design, Generative Design
Dynamo Studio
Some experience with building Dynamo definitions is desirable.
Architect, BIM/VDC Manager, Innovation Manager/Director, Software Developer, Student
Architects, Engineers, Building Information Modelling Managers, Computational Designers
Exploring industry practice and workflows
3D Design, Architecture, Building Design, Building Performance Analysis, Design Thinking, Energy Analysis
AIA Standard LUs
1h 30m
Session Schedule
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