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Autodesk University 2018

SD226781 - Advanced Techniques for Using the Forge Viewer

Session Description

The Forge Viewer is built on the three.js library and can be easily extended and mixed with three.js functionality. This class will demonstrate just how flexible and customizable the Forge Viewer is by walking you through a set of code samples. Topics covered will include WebVR support, mixing your model components with custom graphics, changing the appearance of your components by adding custom materials and shaders, and animating your models.

Additional Information
Learn how to perform geometry transformations with the Forge Viewer
Learn what Forge Viewer extensions are, and how to load them
Learn how to use the WebVR Extension
Learn how to create a custom extension that will display a heatmap on the Forge geometry
Instructional Demo
Data at the Center with Forge
Software Development, Visualization
Basic Forge Viewer knowledge will be helpful, but not required.
Software Developer
Product Users
Anyone wanting to advance their skills with the Forge Viewer.
Going beyond software basics
Project Execution
Design Visualization, CAD Management, Architecture, Manufacturing, Software Development, Visualization
1h 30m
Session Speakers
  • Kevin Vandecar - Principal Developer Advocate, Autodesk

    Kevin Vandecar is a Forge developer advocate and also the manager for the Media & Entertainment Autodesk Developer Network Workgroup. His current specialty is 3ds Max software customization and programming areas. Recently, he has also been working on his web development skills and exploring areas in WebGL and Three.js, along with the new Autodesk Forge APIs.

  • Denis Grigor - Forge Developer Advocate, Autodesk

    I like to know how everything works under the hood, and I am not afraid of low-level stuff like bits, buffers, pointers, stack, heap, threads, shaders and of course Math. I am interested in 3D for Web, from raw WebGL to libraries and frameworks with different levels of abstractions, as well as how virtual entities from 3D world can be linked to things from real world. In the end, "For an artificial mind, all reality is virtual" [The Animatrix]. To achieve my goals, I like to speak C/C++ (mostly with modern dialect), Go, Python, and I have to speak Javascript/Node.js.

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