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Autodesk University 2017

AE128359 - Using the Transmedia Toolset to Create Visualization Campaigns with Impact

Session Description

In today's competitive visualization marketplace, it can be difficult to set your work apart. Is having a unique look enough to succeed? Perhaps the answer can be found in the marriage between good creative and evolving technology. Re-purposing visualization assets to the latest tools isn't a no-brainer; it requires creativity and finesse to be successful. Using recent commercial examples, Transparent House's director of production will show the real role that 3D visualization plays in a comprehensive and successful R/E or product marketing campaign, and how a thoughtful technology rollout can help push your studio to the next level and make you look like a rock star to your clients. From recent and relevant case studies-and real results data-you will learn how an effective visualization campaign is conceived during the creative process, and then how it evolves as it deploys successfully across the media spectrum-from concept, to renderings, to motion assets, to interactive.

Session Speakers
  • David Scott - Director of Business Development, Transparent House

    David is the Director of Business Development at Transparent House, a creative agency based in San Francisco that specializes in 3D CGI and Visual Effects campaigns for Product and Real Estate Marketing & Advertising, and whose client list includes Samsung, HP, Sony, Dell, General Motors, Marriott Hotels, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Prior to joining Transparent House, David was the Executive Producer and co-founder of Identity FX, Inc., a Los Angeles based VFX studio that provided Visual Effects and Stereoscopic 3D optimization & conversion for dozens of theatrical and broadcast projects, including Nike, Google, McDonald's, The Amazing Spider Man, Prometheus, Green Lantern, and the Chronicles of Narnia. With a background in Visual Effects and Live-Action Production, tempered by a decade of working in Hollywood on some of the biggest titles in the business, David brings a strong combination of creative insight and practical execution to his role as Producer/Director. David has helped establish production co-ventures and tech partnerships in NY, SF, LA, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine, China, and South Korea and has spoken as an invited guest at SIGGRAPH, REDucation, and The 3D Quality Alliance. A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, David is also a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Visual Effects Society. When he is not working, David likes to climbs rocks, mountain bike, snowboard, and fly airplanes upside down.

Additional Information
Learn how to creatively assess a project early on to discover nuances that will drive a successful visualization campaign
Understand how you can set yourself apart by “checking all the client boxes” while still delivering outside the box
Learn how to improvise and adapt by using rapidly evolving tools and technologies, with a minimum of disruption to your workflow
Learn how to identify what is important to the client and tailor a "perfect" campaign to fit that need
Industry Talk
All Levels
Art Director, Building Owner, Education Professional/Administrator, Executive/Corporate Manager, Marketing/Sales, Producer, Product Manager, Project Manager, Student, Teacher/Professor, Visualization Designer, 3D Artists & Animators, Architect
Anyone on either the client or production side of the coin who would benefit from improving the quality and breadth of work they receive or produce. Anyone interested in leveraging the latest visualization tools and techniques to their greatest advantage.
Animation and Entertainment, Architecture Services, Design Visualization, Virtual Reality
3ds Max, Revit
Advertising, Publishing, & Graphic Design
An industry or project case study
Project Execution, Project Management
3D Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, Advertising, Animation, Architecture, Broadcasting, Client Management, Design Visualization, Film and TV, Modeling, Product Design, Product Manufacturing, Product Packaging, Rendering, Residential Architecture, Virtual Design and Construction, Virtual Reality, Visual Effects, Visualization
1 hour
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