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Autodesk University 2017

FAB124945 - Robots as Design Interfaces—Toward New Processes Beyond Mass Production

Session Description

Industrial robots are primarily known from the automotive industry's production lines. The goal of this class is to present robots instead as multifunctional and flexible interfaces between the digital and the physical world that can be used for anything from innovative, large-scale fabrication to immersive virtual reality (VR) simulators. This extension beyond the robots' initial scope is enabled by new software developments that facilitate a seamless workflow from design to machine through Dynamo software and KUKA|prc. Utilizing parametric design tools lets us use robots for mass customization and small lot sizes, rather than mass fabrication. The class will provide an overview on how to utilize industrial robots through Dynamo and Fusion 360 software, and present realized projects by both small to medium-size enterprises as well as international corporations. We'll also look into the future toward new developments that build upon the geometric capabilities of the Forge cloud and couple it with serverless computation and integration with IoT platforms.

Session Speakers
  • Johannes Braumann - Co-Founder, Robots in Architecture | UfG Linz

    Johannes Braumann and Sigrid Brell-Cokcan founded the Association for Robots in 2011 with the goal of making robots accessible to the creative industry. RiA acts as a network for creative robot users, connecting them with industry and each other, while also developing accessible software for robot programming and simulation. Both aspects have since gone far beyond the initial scope of creative users, with industry becoming increasingly interested in innovative solutions for mass customization and lot size one. Johannes is the lead developer of KUKA|prc, a solution for controlling and simulating industrial robots from within visual programming environments. It is now being used in a wide variety of industries, enabling customized, parametric production processes beyond CAD-CAM, from multi-axis 3D printing to large-scale building construction. Since 2017 Johannes holds a professorship for Creative Robotics at UfG Linz, working closely with the Ars Electronica Center and KUKA Robotics.

Additional Information
Get insight into nonstandard robotic processes
Understand the potential, but also limitations, of industrial robots
Learn how to couple visual programming with robotic processes
Evaluate the presented software interface following the class, using provided licenses
Industry Talk
All Levels
No special knowledge beyond basic understanding of CAD is required. We recommend looking into visual programming through Autodesk Dynamo for a better understanding on how to integrate industrial robots into workflows.
Executive/Corporate Manager, Other, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Designer, Architect
The class aims to familiarize new users with industrial robots, while also introducing robot experts to new tools that have the potential of augmenting their current workflows.
Smart Manufacturing, Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing
Revit, InfraWorks 360, Fusion 360, Forge, Dynamo Studio
Building Products & Fabrication
Thought leadership and innovation
Project Execution, Industry Innovations
Virtual Design and Construction, Simulation, Robots, Fabrication
1 hour
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