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Autodesk University 2017

FDC121804 - Using Forge for Advanced IoT Visualization in Dasher 360

Session Description

Autodesk Research's Project Dasher is a building performance management tool that displays historical and real-time sensor data inside a building model. In this session, we'll take a close look at how Forge software was used to implement a Dasher 360 project, leading to a multi-year desktop development project being largely re-created for the web in a matter of months. We'll pay particular attention to the techniques used to contextualize sensor data within intelligent models displayed via the web, explaining the implementation details of reusable Forge Viewer extensions created using JavaScript application programming interface and TypeScript.

Session Speakers
  • Simon Breslav - Principal Research Scientist, Autodesk, Inc.

    Simon joined Autodesk in mid-2010 after completing a M.Sc. in Computer Science (with a concentration in Computer Graphics) from the University of Toronto. As part of the Complex Systems Research group, Simon is working on Building Performance and Simulation Projects where his current research interests include Information Visualization, Simulation, and Human Computer Interaction. Simon's previous experience includes working at Thomson Reuters and internships at the Adobe Creative Technology Lab as well as Auryn Animation Studio. Originally from Riga, Latvia, Simon enjoys spending time painting, carving, meditating, and smiling.

Additional Information
Learn how Autodesk Research benefited from using Forge web services to implement Dasher 360
Learn implementation details of reusable Forge Viewer extensions developed as part of the Dasher 360 project
Learn the history of Project Dasher and how Dasher 360 can be used for building performance management
Learn the importance of contextualizing sensor data in BIM on the web
Instructional Demo
Basic familiarity with Forge services and web development is helpful, but not required.
Visualization Designer, Technical Consultant, Programmer/Software Developer, Building Owner, BIM/VDC Manager
Anybody interested in using the Forge Viewer for advanced visualization.
Internet of Things (IoT), Software Development, Building Operations
Forge, Revit
Thought leadership and innovation
Industry Innovations, Technology Management
Building Owners, Visualization, Utility O&M, Building Performance Analysis, Architecture, Big Data
1 hour
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