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Autodesk University 2017
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132042-L - Self-Paced Labs at AU (Visit Lido 3101, Level 3) Continue the learning at your own pace. Visit AU's self-paced lab to experiment with workflows you just learned, test new products and applications, and explore new interests. Drop ins are welcome! The self-paced lab in Lido 3101, Level 3 is open: Tuesday, November 14: 11:45 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 15: 11:45 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Thursday, November 16: 11:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab
FDC128464-L - Forge DevLab: Tuesday, Nov 14—Drop-In Workshop from 1:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m. Forge DevLab is a drop-in workshop and informal lab for software developers of all skill levels, and is open to all Forge DevCon and Autodesk University attendees. Come and go as you please—stay all afternoon or just pop in when you're not attending an Autodesk University class. Got a programming problem you need to solve? Need some individual advice to get up and running with the Forge platform? Want to spend some quality time working through self-paced lab tutorials (with an expert on call to help)? Or do you just want to take a break from the Autodesk University treadmill to shoot the breeze with fellow Forge enthusiasts? Bring your laptop, work on your code, and discuss your problems with fellow software developers and us. Available self-paced, instructor-available tutorials include assorted Forge API tutorials; deep (machine) learning tutorials (courtesy of NVIDIA); and Amazon Web Services tutorials for all levels (courtesy of Amazon). 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab
BIM132060 - Computational BIM Breakfast Get a head start on networking - breakfast with your peers before you begin your Computational BIM training. 60 Minutes Meal
LF131424 - Leadership Forum Breakfast

Start the day at the exclusive Leadership Forum breakfast. We’ll have everything you need, including an espresso bar in the room.

60 Minutes Pre-conference Session
MSF129524 - MSF Forum Opening Session: Detail Better, Fabricate Better, Build Better In this opening keynote session, we will showcase actual projects that use Autodesk, Inc.’s, Fabrication Solutions to detail better, fabricate better, and build better. 30 Minutes Pre-conference Session
BIM128342 - Computational BIM Workshop—Advanced If you have experience in Revit software and Dynamo software, and you want to take your Dynamo skills to the next level, this workshop is for you. Learn advanced skills to combine computational design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Dynamo visual programming. We’ll use Dynamo to create customized functions, improve building performance, and interoperate with other applications, data sources, and geometry tools in sophisticated ways. Some familiarity with Dynamo basics like list manipulation, geometry creation, and Revit interaction is required. This is a full-day class, including networking opportunities over breakfast, lunch, and drinks. This year we’re also introducing a forum at the end of the day that will feature several speakers talking about practical applications of Dynamo to both instruct and inspire. Just getting started with computational BIM? You may prefer our “Computational BIM Workshop—Beginner” to learn the basics. 660 Minutes Pre-conference Session Mark Mendez
John Pierson
BIM128343 - Computational BIM Workshop—Beginner (Repeat) Combine logic, geometry, math, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Dynamo visual programming. We’ll use Dynamo to drive a Revit document and interoperate with other applications, data sources, and modeling tools. If you already have some experience with Revit and are looking expand its capabilities with computation, this workshop is for you. Basic understanding of computer programming and scripting is helpful, but not required. This is a full-day class, including networking opportunities over breakfast, lunch, and drinks. This year we’re also introducing a forum at the end of the day that will feature several speakers talking about practical applications of Dynamo to both instruct and inspire. Need a bigger challenge? You may be ready for our “Computational BIM Workshop—Advanced.” 660 Minutes Pre-conference Session Sol Amour
MSF119044-L - Up and Running with Advance Steel This lab is designed to give you a feel of the ease of use of Advance Steel detailing software, the structural steel package that’s getting the industry talking. You will create a structural model from scratch and then insert automated connection between structural sections. Finally, you’ll learn how to generate fabrication drawings and NC files from your structural model. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab Deepak Maini
MSF125023 - From Fabrication to Revit and Beyond You will learn how to take a Fabrication model into Revit software and modify that same model in Revit using Fabrication in Revit. You will also learn how to load configurations within Revit using your own native Fabrication database. This will be a fun and very informative class for Fabrication users. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Jubel Beren
MSF125510 - BIM Implementation Case Studies: From Bulgari Jewelry Factory to Residences in Masdar The class will show the experience of BIM implementation with Revit in an architecture and engineering firm. The strategy and the investments to do, the possible problem and solutions, the schedule and the goals to achieve. The case studies and the pilot projects are essential to BIM implementation; this class will present many special real case studies from the Bulgari New Jewelry-Making Center (finalist at AEC Excellence Awards 2016) to the residences in Masdar City, showing the critical points and strengths of this BIM project. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Luca Drago
Giacomo Bergonzoni
LF129140 - Morning Keynote Speaker & provocateur to be announced soon. 30 Minutes Pre-conference Session
MSF122376-L - Autodesk Advance Steel: Learn to Create and Customize a Fresh New Drawing Style One of the most requested areas in Advance Steel detailing software is the ability to customize your templates to generate detail drawings. At the same time, it is one of the most complex parts of this product. In this hand-on lab, you’ll learn how to customize a drawing style by creating a completely new drawing style, going step by step through all phases, from simple to more complex configuration. We’ll walk through the workflow of configuring drawing styles using the Drawing Style Manager interface, with explanation of existing options and settings. We’ll configure and use model objects, labels, and dimensions in specific scenarios. At the end of the class, you will know how to define your requests and how to customize your drawing styles to suit the company standards. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab Emy Nestor
MSF122751 - Creating Precast Shop Tickets in Revit In this class, you’ll learn how to create the shop drawings necessary for the precast/prestressed concrete industry in an effective and well-presented manner. These shop drawings will have all of the information necessary for production, including piece weights, lengths, volumes, and counts, as well as the necessary reinforcement and embedded elements within each element. This class will walk you through the unique process of utilizing assemblies and schedules within Revit software to achieve a desirable shop ticket that any precast manufacturer can use. Finally, this class will show you how to use view templates to maintain the drafting integrity required for precast shop drawings. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Jordan Watkins
MSF124645 - Dynamo and Fabrication Parts in Revit: What Can Be Done with It? This class will introduce Fabrication users to Dynamo software, a possible solution for Fabrication scripting users in the Revit environment. We’ll cover some of the basics of how Dynamo works, how to set it up for multiple users in an organization, and the basics of filtering for parts. We’ll make changes to these parts, like adding parameters, which now makes them schedulable. At the end of this class, we’ll look at additional possibilities for Dynamo, which should give users reasons to explore it in more detail. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo William Tucker
Kevin Allen
MSF124897 - A Consultant Guide to Creating Revit MEP Fabrication-Ready Models With ever-changing contract requirements in our industry, we are required to adapt and change the way we deliver our projects. We require a seamless transition from MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design models to construction models. What are the challenges encountered and what solutions can be found by the design consultant in delivering a Building Information Modeling (BIM) model that will be utilized from concept and through the building lifecycle? BuroHappold Engineering is established with development of coding to assist in digital engineering workflows—the firm is now transitioning to be an industry leader in Revit fabrication-ready MEP design models. This presentation will break down the sometimes overwhelming Fabrication database, and look at the core basics to start a design model that has maximum growth potential past consultancy design. Follow BuroHappold’s journey as we explore the changes the firm is making with new content and methods for validation, while tackling modern BIM expectations—and how it uses a global BIM network to share this information. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Jose Fandos
Ben West
MSF125297 - Walking the Walk: How Jackson Industrial Construction Deployed the Autodesk Workflow Jackson Industrial Construction is based out of Concord, Michigan, and has amassed more than 70 years of agricultural, industrial, and commercial construction across its leadership team. The firm has recently expanded its investment in Autodesk software to streamline and enhance its existing workflows. Anthony Schrems, Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordinator for Jackson Industrial, will highlight how the firm uses Revit software, Advance Steel detailing software, and Navisworks software in a simplified and optimized process to drive Jackson Industrial’s structural steel design and shop fabrication. You will learn the practicalities of software deployment and training and how the company overcame some challenges in developing these processes to take full advantage of its software investment. Some companies are talking the talk about their BIM adoption. Jackson Industrial is walking the walk. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Anthony Schrems
MSF133239-L - What Makes ITM Content in Revit Special What the heck are these Fabrication Parts doing in Revit? In this class, we will discuss the history of Fabrication and the features that have developed this software into the premier software package used by the majority of MEP contractors in the United States. You will have the opportunity to explore and edit the data inside of a Fabrication Part to understand how the changes made will affect your project as a whole. If you are new to Fabrication this is a must attend! 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab Scott Hendricks
FDC128455 - Forge Road Map Join us to learn about what's been new with Forge software over the past year and what’s coming soon. The Forge Product Management Team will share insights and strategies on changes to existing APIs, what new APIs are being previewed at DevCon 2017, and what we’re working on that is yet to come. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Shawn Gilmour
MSF129525 - MSF Forum Morning Break with Sponsors Take a break from the morning sessions and get refreshments while networking with sponsors and your peers. 30 Minutes Social
FDC124113 - Forging Ahead with Collaborative Cloud-Based Solutions "Stephen Hamil will present how project teams can collaborate to develop information on a BIM project. The class will initially look at setting up an execution plan to give clarity on which team members are delivering what information and when. The core part of the class will then look at how Autodesk Forge can be used as the platform to develop a collaborative cloud based solution to allow models and associated information to be viewed through the web-browser. NBS, based in the UK, are an Autodesk Solutions Associate and members of the Autodesk Developers Network. Stephen will give examples of the solutions that have been developed to make existing desktop applications 'cloud-connected' and also demonstrate new solutions that have been developed using Autodesk Forge to make what was previously impossible possible.Real-life customer example projects will be provided that focus on the benefits that construction professionals can unlock for both their own practice and their clients." 30 Minutes Industry Talk Jim Quanci
Stephen Hamil
MSF124120-L - Hands-On Lab: 3D Rebar Management with Revit and the GRAITEC BIM Designers In this hands-on lab, we’ll walk you through a concrete project workflow using GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit and a connected structural BIM workflow to take advantage of automation offered by BIM. You’ll use Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit to automatically generate code-checked, 3D rebar cages for columns, beams, and footings of your Revit project, applying the ACI codes. You’ll explore the achieved results and how you can manipulate them to a variety of situations to suit your specific or regional needs. You’ll use Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers to generate engineering-approved design reports, automatically produce and fine-tune detailed drawing views, and complete bar schedules—all from Revit software. Finally, you’ll create sheets and finish off the detail using some tools from the GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit, and you’ll publish the documentation in BIM 360 Docs software to manage revision control. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab Joseph PAIS
MSF124276-L - Revit Fabrication Parts—Design to Spooling Update Lab This session will propel you into Revit 2018, exemplifying the advantages of using a singular model throughout the preconstruction process. Learn how to go from design intent to fabrication spools using Fabrication Parts in Revit software. In this session, you will convert a Revit design model to Fabrication Parts, make design and coordination changes, define and detail fabrication spools, and create all construction documentation without ever leaving Revit. You will gain first access to new 2018 software add-ins that streamline this process with prepopulated templates and content libraries. This hands-on session will reinforce best piping practices, and give you the tools you need to take your business to the next level. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab Ralph Schoch
MSF125131 - Fabrication: 60 Tips in 60 Minutes In 60 minutes, you’ll learn 60 all-new tips and tricks for Fabrication CADmep software, Fabrication ESTmep software, and Fabrication CAMduct software. No frills or long lectures—just a few product veterans in a tag-team-style, rapid-fire demonstration. This session will be fast paced, so we'll have no time for questions, but we’ll gladly follow up with all attendees after Autodesk University to address any questions. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Greg Murphy
Jubel Beren
Darren Young
FDC133141 - Lunch & Forge Exhibits Forge DevCon pass holders are invited to Join us for lunch and networking, then stroll to the room next door to explore the Forge Exhibits. Visit the Forge Partner Area to talk to Forge early adopters and certified systems integrators about how easy it is to build Forge-based workflows, and how they can help you with those integrations. And, visit the Forge Answer Bar where you can receive a personalized overview of how Forge can help solve your business challenges or get questions answered by a team of Forge technical experts. The Exhibit room is open all day except during the Keynotes. 60 Minutes Meal
CCS131480 - Connect & Construct Summit Lunch Don't miss the opportunity to network with your peers and Autodesk executives at this lunch. 75 Minutes Meal
FDC123224 - 10 Useful (and Cool) Forge Applications Join me on a lightning tour of Forge-based web applications Through the medium of demo apps, you'll find out what Forge is; what it can (and can't) do; and pick up some interesting ideas for how you can make use of Forge to enhance your own applications and workflows. 30 Minutes Instructional Demo Jim Quanci
Stephen Preston
FDC125725 - BIM 360 and API for a Connected Construction Ecosystem Come and listen to the BIM 360 product team discuss the recent updates and enhancements to the BIM 360 API. Now, Autodesk customers, partners and developers can build a connected construction ecosystem with the same BIM 360 API that is powering your favorite BIM 360 application built on top of the Autodesk Forge platform. Whether you are interested in automating your construction workflows, reducing manual data entry or building a custom app, BIM 360 can support your integration needs with secure access to your account, project and construction data via the API. We will discuss some of the exciting use cases and construction workflows enabled by the new BIM 360 API on Forge. Success stories from early adopter customers and partners will be highlighted along with best practices on using the BIM 360 API. You will also get a chance to hear about the BIM 360 API roadmap and understand what is in the pipeline and interact with experts from the product team to get your questions answered. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class). 60 Minutes Industry Talk Tomer Galon
manu venugopal
FDC126343 - Different Tools to Implement Your WebVR Application With all kinds of different VR devices released to the market, the concept of VR/AR/MR is becoming increasingly popular, but it’s still an expensive experience. Is there any way to make the VR experience more accessible, and easier for your customers? WebVR provides a good solution. This class will introduce WebVR and show you some cool demos to help you get a quick project started with the technology, There are several frameworks you can start with, and even mix together - we will discuss some of these, including Three.js, the Autodesk Forge Viewer, and ReactVR. The class will show live demos, and the code behind the different examples. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Zhong Wu
FDC126529 - Deep Dive with the Model Derivative API The Model Derivative API is not just meant for translating files to a viewing file format (the ‘SVF’ file ) and loading the model for viewing. In this class, we will provide you with deeper understanding of the Model Derivative API, it’s feature set and capabilities. We will cover the range of file formats that are available for translation; how to extract metadata from a model; and how geometry can be extracted from model data for developing a variety of custom Forge applications. This will be followed by demonstrating a use case developed by one of our Forge customers. The class will show side by side samples of C# and Node.js. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Sharmila Phadnis
FDC129788 - Streamline Fusion 360 processes with Forge Integrating Fusion 360 with Forge can be a really powerful way to streamline your existing processes. In this class, we will provide an introduction to both the Forge and Fusion 360 API’s and will explain how you can get started with implementing workflows using both Fusion 360 and Forge. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Adam Nagy
FDC131151 - Developing a mobile app with the Forge IoT API Review a real world mobile app example created on the Autodesk IoT platform, leveraging the API to build a high quality application leveraging IoT data and interacting with connected devices. The Forge IoT platform provides a scale-able solution that simplifies the collection and processing of connected device data along with API access to build rich, powerful applications on top of that data. 30 Minutes Instructional Demo Allan OLeary
LF129144 - The Future of Making Things Workshop Facilitated by author and TED speaker Tom Wujec, this workshop will immerse you in real-world challenges and provide practical techniques to build innovation capabilities within your organization. 120 Minutes Pre-conference Session
MSF122966 - To Rebar or Not to Rebar: That Is the BIM Question How many times have you heard, “Why do we have to model all these rebars?” or “Modeling rebars is time consuming!” or something similar? This class will discuss the return of rebars modeling investment, presenting several lessons learned by an EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor. By focusing on real past cases, we will compare between the traditional 2D detailing philosophy and the 3D modeling approach, highlighting how Revit software can become a powerful validation tool for design and constructability of reinforced concrete. This class is going to introduce how to model and set up data in order to easily identify, check, and solve congested reinforced concrete nodes, avoiding expensive unpredictable issues during construction. We will give the final assessment through a practical example of how the structural design of a huge industrial structure has been driven according to the above-mentioned analysis. To rebar or not to rebar—that is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) question. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Marco Mellacqua
Elisa Bacchi
Davide Decarolis
MSF124265 - Design to Fabrication then Fabrication ESTmep: Using the Design Model for Estimating Using Fabrication Parts Have you started seeing Revit files from architects or engineers at bid time? Do the projects that your CAD department is currently working on have access to the Revit files? Even if this is not the case, but you would like to take advantage of the Revit Design to Fabrication Parts, this is the class for you. In this class, we will review your options on how to use the Revit file design items into Fabrication Parts directly inside of Revit. Once we’ve converted the Revit design items, we’ll learn how to export a .MAJ file out of Revit and open it with Fabrication ESTmep software. Once we’ve opened the file in Fabrication ESTmep, we’ll look at options to review pricing and labor along with running reports and data exports. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Josh Asche
MSF133916-L - Hands-On Lab: Leveraging the Revit Model for Quick and Accurate Estimates No need to throw away the Revit Model from the design team, this lab will walk you through how to leverage and convert a Revit design model to a LOD 400 detail model for use in Fabrication ESTmep. Learn how to use the Revit Extension for Fabrication to export a MAJ file and import directly into ESTmep for a quick and accurate estimate. After importing the MAJ file into ESTmep, learn how to easily change out services to reflect change orders and modify the design for fabrication. Utilized the same MAJ file to streamline the design all the way through manufacturing. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab Lyle Janda
CCS131481 - Connect & Construct Summit Track 1: Setting Technology Strategies for your Business Learn to manage your technology investments strategically. Contractors of any size have access to new capabilities that automate processes and can improve your bottom line. Learn to manage your technology investments strategically so you can mitigate risk and improve margins. Join us and glean best practices for implementing the best technology strategy from some the industry's most successful contractors. 180 Minutes Pre-conference Session
FDC123710 - Creating Stereo Panoramas for VR Using the Forge Rendering API The new Forge rendering API gives developers access to similar capabilities that the A360 rendering service provides to customers. The APIs include scene management functionality as well as rendering tools. This overview will show how to use these new APIs, and what results to expect. With this new API you can render a view or camera, and specify whether the result should be an image, panorama, turntable, or omnistereo. We will also cover best practices, and authentication and interop with other Forge APIs. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Michael Beale
Kevin Vandecar
FDC125274 - Forge HFDM and Forge IDX: An Introduction "This class introduces Forge High Frequency Data Management (HFDM) and Forge IDX. HFDM puts data at the centre of Forge application development, enabling developers to build rich and collaborative, data-centric applications and reactive systems at scale. The Forge HFDM data service is a central hub that stores and communicates rapidly changing data between different clients, apps, and connected services while keeping all users in sync. We will show examples of what you can build with HFDM and discuss core architectural concepts and practices, highlighting customer value and benefits. We will also introduce Forge IDX, a next generation cloud application leveraging HFDM, that lets you easily build rich, collaborative, and smart applications and services using the latest Autodesk technologies. IDX integrates environments for design, development, and publishing, while making it easy for multidisciplinary teams to work together. " 60 Minutes Industry Talk Farzad Towhidi
FDC125679 - Demystifying the BIM 360 and Forge APIs Are you interested in learning BIM 360 and Forge, but not sure where to start? Are you feeling confused about how Forge APIs work together to give you access to your BIM data? If so, this class is for you. In this session, we’ll look at the Forge API from the view of BIM 360 products and provide you with the foundational knowledge for you to implement powerful applications and workflows using these APIs. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Mikako Harada
FDC124974 - BOM value chain applications with the Forge Viewer and Data Management APIs - openBoM Case Study An open discussion of lessons learned while implementing functionalities of the openBoM application using the Forge Viewer and Data Management API. The discussion will include a demo of the application, an overview of the technical issues and architectural decisions, as well as a discussion of prospects for further use of the Forge platform in the application. Active audience participation is assumed and encouraged. 30 Minutes Industry Talk Oleg Shilovitsky
Igor Tsinman
MSF122856 - Using LOD for Coordination In this presentation, we’ll highlight how using level of development (LOD) status by element helps model authors know how complete their models are. We’ll also demonstrate how, at different coordination events in a project, all parties can use LOD to indicate to each other their completion of design in the project by using the LOD score as a trigger for other dependent trades to move forward with their design efforts. For example, a structural engineer can use LOD element status in his or her own structural model to know what parts of the model are still subject to change. When the structural engineer is finished with exterior columns and many of the internal columns, those confirmed elements have a LOD status of 350. However, the steel around the internal elevator shaft area will be at a LOD status of 300 because the elevator equipment hasn’t been selected yet. By visualizing the LOD status at a glance, the structural engineers know where the model still needs attention. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Aj Bridwell
MSF124289 - Fabrication: The Link Between Revit and the Fab Shop In this class, we’ll discuss the Victaulic BIM Team migration to Revit software. We’ll review lessons learned and how Victaulic capitalizes on the Revit model to track quoting through to installation. With 30 years of advanced material coordination and project delivery experience, see how applying a manufacturing approach to fabrication and material coordination can change how you manage fabrication. Learn how Victaulic developed new in-house technology to make this all possible with a true link from quote to design to fabrication. If you’re thinking of switching to Revit software, don’t miss this class. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Ralph Schoch
MSF125141 - Fabrication Parts in Revit—30 Tips in 60 Minutes Learn 30 tips and tricks specifically tailored to Fabrication Parts and workflows in Revit software. No frills or long lectures— just a few product veterans in a tag-team-style, rapid-fire demonstration. This session will be fast paced, so we'll have no time for questions, but we’ll gladly follow up with all attendees after Autodesk University to address any questions. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Jubel Beren
Greg Murphy
Darren Young
MSF125329 - Introduction to Structural Precast for Revit Prefabrication can lead to reduced project schedules, greater productivity, and better on-site safety records. Structural Precast for Revit 2018 software supports multiple stages of the precast workflow. The purpose of this class is to reveal the design workflow for precast elements (walls and slabs) using advanced tools that automate the process of generating precast assemblies, shop drawings, and computer numerical control (CNC) files. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Tomasz Fudala
MSF134073-L - Revit Schedules vs Fabrication Reports Now what? You’ve modeled and coordinated a beautiful project and it’s time for documentation. Getting the data out of data rich LOD 400 Fabrication Parts is the key to a successful BIM process. Learn how to build and edit the traditional Revit Schedules while understanding their purpose and limitations. Then we will take it up a notch into Fabrication Reports where the “I” in BIM becomes the most important factor in the success of your projects. 60 Minutes Hands-on Lab David Ronson
128661 - Professional Certification Exam—Session 1 Enrollment in this session will provide the opportunity to take one Autodesk Certified Professional exam at Autodesk University 2017. You may take only one exam attempt during Autodesk University 2017—you will be unenrolled from any additional Certification Exam Sessions you select. The policies are as follows: You will need a valid form of identification (driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID). The exam has a 2-hour time limit with no breaks, so plan accordingly. You may not bring any personal items to the computer workstation. Secure bag check-in is provided. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. The lab will close 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, and no one will be admitted to the Certification Lab after this time—no exceptions. If you fail to arrive on time you will forfeit your scheduled session and there’s no opportunity to reschedule. 150 Minutes Certification
FDC121804 - Using Forge for Advanced IoT Visualization in Dasher 360 Autodesk Research's Project Dasher is a building performance management tool that displays historical and real-time sensor data inside a building model. In this session, we’ll take a close look at how Forge software was used to implement a Dasher 360 project, leading to a multi-year desktop development project being largely re-created for the web in a matter of months. We’ll pay particular attention to the techniques used to contextualize sensor data within intelligent models displayed via the web, explaining the implementation details of reusable Forge Viewer extensions created using JavaScript application programming interface and TypeScript. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Simon Breslav
FDC124079 - Integrating Forge Data Management API with Other Storage Providers Data is spread over different providers, so you often need to around to take advantage of each web service. Using the Forge Data Management API you can access the storage structure, download and upload files from A360 Team, BIM 360 Docs and Fusion Team. And this allows integration with other providers using apps and programming. This class will cover the basics to create your own storage provider integration and show samples with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. 30 Minutes Industry Talk Augusto Goncalves
FDC128313 - Quantum: A Next-Generation BIM Ecosystem "Forge HFDM offers breakthrough technology to put “data at the center” of a project. But what exactly does that mean for complex BIM projects? How will existing applications like Revit connect to this new ecosystem? What kinds of new apps can Autodesk and 3rd Party developers build? What new market opportunities open up as a result? Come learn how Project Quantum is using HFDM to re-imagine BIM workflows to support better project outcomes and better collaboration from Concept to Fabrication. 60 Minutes Instructional Demo Jim Awe
FDC128314 - Deep Learning Demystified and Applied Deep Learning What is deep learning? In what fields is it useful, and how does it relate to artificial intelligence? Join this session with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute to get a working understanding of deep learning and why this powerful new technology is getting so much attention. Learn how deep neural networks are trained to perform tasks with super-human accuracy, and the challenges organizations face in adopting this new approach. We'll cover the software, hardware, and training resources that many organizations are using to overcome the challenges and deliver breakthrough results. Plus, learn about the types of problems that benefit from deep learning, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to use this powerful technology and the characteristics of successful deep-learning projects. 60 Minutes Industry Talk Charles Killam
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